Error occured always pops up when integrating Zapi...
# 🤝help
I am trying to integrate Zapier with Botpress to make a lead generation bot which supplies all the leads to a google sheet. When I have captured all information and also created all the variables, then I use "Execute code" where I put in my JavaScript with all the information and variables. I have followed YouTube clips step-by-step, where they do exactly this in a successful way, and I have tested this on many different bots of mine. Although I do exactly as them, and put in the exact same information and variables, it still never works when I test the bot. Almost before every time the conversation with the bot is done, it pops up following: "Sorry, an error occurred. Please try again later". Before trigger testing the bots, I have always prepared the zaps. Due to those errors that always pops up in the chat with the bots, the trigger test cannot be done and therefore, my zaps cannot be integrated. Therefore, I have not been able to integrate ONE single zap although I have tested multiple times with different bots and different strategies. My code for the latest bot I made looked like this: workflow.zapierSucc = false const.payload = { name :, adress : workflow.adress email : question : workflow.question } try { const response = await'', payload) workflow.response = } Has this happend to any others here, or do you know what the problem might be? If you see any improvements that could be made in my code or you have any other thoughts about it, please share your thoughts! I am open for criticism. Have a good day and thank you in advance!