Can anything be done about the constant timeout's
# 🤝help
Literally every 10 minutes when working in the studio I get logged out and have to go back to the dashboard, refresh and and re-edit - invariably losing the last thing I was working on. It's getting really frustrating!
Hey @great-yak-37157 ! So sorry about this.
So you lose everything - the system doesn't save your work when you get kicked out? Is that what you're saying?
no, i don't lose eveything, i lose the last thing i was doing. Maybe the last node wont be there etc. I can be in the middle of typing and up it pops and I need to login again
Humm.. this is a recent thing, right?
The team is currently investigating the timeout issues.
yes, last 2 days I would say. Really been bad today
It's the same for me. But it only happens when it haven't been able to save before getting logged out.
only 10 minutes is strange. which browser are you using?
@fresh-fireman-491 @User I know an issue was raised earlier today. It should be fixed by now. Let us know if it happens again.