Issue with chatbot answering "@workflow.GPTAnswer"
# 🤝help
Report ID: 7412555e-66b1-4872-b25a-06d878700ed7 @crooked-van-25152
Hi, I am looking into it
Do you have a KB on your bot?
thanks! yes i do
but it's not enabled in the node in question
actually now i can't replicate the issue where it answers "@workflow.GPTAnswer" so that issue seems to be gone on its own. however now after i replied that i'm doing well, it answered by asking again how i'm doing. the task instruction is "The user is feeling "{{event.preview}}". Answer accordingly and add a thoughtful insight into your answer. Then ask how you can help today. Answer in Finnish language."

Can you send me a screenshot of your AI Task?
or can you export the bot and DM it to me?

i can also export the bot if you guide me on how to do that haha

this should help you with the export 😉
Bassam will help you for the rest! You're in good hands.
This has happened to me as well, but only occasionally/randomly