Problem with KB working in Intergration with LIne.
# 🤝help
i have use knowledge base(imported pdf) and intergrate with line message app, my KB is working in emulator(can answer my KB question), but not through line message after intergration(the bot is working fine, but doesnt know the knowledge). Please helppp
Have you published the bot after uploading everything
Are you using the exact same questions? In the same language and everything else
which cards are you using? try different ways of answering from KB, for example: Query Knowledge Base / Enabling KB in the nodes needed and putting a user input card / Enable answer manually and use a text card with @turn.KnowledgeBase.answer
yes i published and upload everything, i try ask many question it all seems to not working. But question is answer correctly in emulator.
ohhh is woring!!!dont know why but yeh thanks a lot!!! maybe is the publish, i just republished again.
Maybe, maybe not.