StackAi query
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hey guys i am facing an issue with stack Ai while i am setting up an Open Ai to make a persona chatbot it shows me this error what should I do?

Hello, Stack AI is another platform with its own community where you can solve this kind of doubts. However I also have a basic setup that I integrated with my botpress chatbot, I don't know why you have that node at the bottom right. Should it be a simple Q&A setup, or did you add that node to do something else? Here is a picture of my configuration

if you want to integrate directly the openAI chatgpt api, I recommend you to do it directly in botpress, of course if you have a key.
and leaves StackAI with its basic configuration. If you want to do more there you should better resort to their forums because it could be a bug that only they will be aware of.
remember also that the IA Task node of botpress uses chatgpt
I use Stack AI as a simple fallback if I don't have answers with the ia in botpress, the same as with chatgpt OpenAI directly, only as a fallback if I can't solve with AI Task or KB agent of botpress.
Use flowise and langchain. Same LLM and so much cheaper.
Have you used flowise with Botpress?
Yeah I've used it a few times it's great. So many different agent to use. Deployment on Render. Sometimes it does have hallucinations like all of them.
Alright ty
can you share that stack ai server link? i am unable to find it