apply filter when searching through knowledge base
# 🤝help
Do anyone know if there there is a way for us to apply filter when searchig through the knowledge base? so event.kb.results can return some customized results?
Hi @faint-architect-61419 , can you tell us a bit more about your use case (how your data is, and how you'd like to search)? For instance, what kind of filter would you like to apply? You can actually pass the raw search results from a KB using
{{ => a.dsFriendlyName + '\n' + a.content).join('\n\n')}}
but it won't filter before getting the results, only after, and you have to apply the logic yourself, either through code, or an AI task.
Or do you want to filter by Knowledge base source?
we want to filter out webpages by regex
yes we can filter with event.kb.results
thank you though