Couldn't load older conversations
# 🤝help
Using and can't load anymore conversations. Is server overloaded or maybe need to change some settings?

works, now. Is it posible to load only msgs from like x days ago, so it doesnt load all, maybe causing also this error?
@rich-battery-69172 maybe can help? Got rate limit exceeded when trying to get msgs from inbox, how to avoid limiting when its only way to check inbox? I will add tables for future q/a from user and bot, but I need to access older msgs to copy info.

@early-train-33247 need help here plz
working to improve my chatbot for client, problem is cant see msgs, than I cant check errors
thanks for update Guilhermy, I updated with new version and it works.
Hey mate, glad to know the new version works for you! Let me know if you have thoughts!