Not able to catch the data sent to Botpress Webhoo...
# 🤝help
I am trying to send a post request from Zapier to Botpress Webhook at shown in the ScreenShot, but not able to trigger the execute code block in Botpress attached to Trigger 'Events from Zapier'. I am just trying to log a message in Execute code block, but the log does not happen. What could be missing here...??

SS of Logging I am doing..

Hi Romit, Can you tell me more about your use case?
Also did you use our Beta Zapier actions or something else?
I am using Trigger - Events from Zapier.. Is it the right trigger to use...?
I filled the form for Beta, Where should I see that Beta Zapier actions and what to be done to get that working...
As I mentioned, i am trying to send some data from Zapier to Botpress by using POST request to Botpress Webhook, as can be seen in the SS.. Not able to receive that data at botpress..