I am currently in the process of optimizing a chat...
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I am currently in the process of optimizing a chatbot designed for automobile sales. My aim is to implement a specific functionality that allows the bot to transition from one node to another based on the number of interactions it has with the user. To elaborate further, the bot initially engages with the user by providing answers based on a pre-existing knowledge base. However, after the third interaction, I would like the bot to automatically move to a different node. In this new node, the bot will present a series of "data capture cards" with the intent of gathering additional information from the user. The ideal flow would be as follows: The first three interactions are based on the existing knowledge base. Upon reaching the fourth interaction, the bot transitions to the new node. In this node, the bot will inquire if the user is interested in taking a test drive. If the user responds affirmatively, the bot will proceed to a series of questions designed to collect contact data and other relevant information. I would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance in effectively implementing this functionality.