Discover Events button missing from Botpress Studi...
# 🤝help
In botpress studio, I'm supposed to see a discover events section on the right panel when I select a trigger. However, the discover events button is missing on my account. I created a feature-requests post because I thought it was a missing feature but turns out it's a bug. I would really appreciate if someone could help me figure out what's going on or how to fix this. I have attached a screenshot of what I see on my account as well as a screenshot of what I believe I should see based on your Youtube tutorial. Here's the link to the feature request post for context:

Hey there
that's strange
if you create a new bot does it show up?
also what browser are you using?
This just happened to me too, funnily enough 😄 Browser doesn't matter in my case. In one of my bots the discover events feature works fine and in a new export of that same bot the feature is unavailable (not there)
does it change things if the bot receives the event?
and did the standard cookie and cache clearning not help either?
@mysterious-greece-6693 I tried creating the a new bot but it behaves the same. I'm using Google Chrome
The trigger works fine when I test it through an html page but it doesn't change anything on the studio
I'll try cookie and cache clearing, I haven't tried that
I tried clearing the cache and deleting all cookies but it's still the same
okay thank you for trying that
can you click on the botpress logo on the top left and report problem
and share the report ID please
Of course, here's the report ID: 1982e1d3-7832-4560-9daa-390b5132a992
hey, it's not a bug! the reason there is a difference with the youtube video is because that's a beta feature that is for now available to botpress employees and some beta testers. eitherway I asked the team to add you to the beta list!
let me know if it looks different
Oh I see! Thank you for adding me to the list. There has been no change on my end yet. I'm wondering if there's some setting I need to toggle to activate beta features.
Just for awareness, is the beta list you added me to a beta list for this specific feature or a more generic one so I would have access to all the beta features?
Regardless, I'll remove the bug keyword from the title
it's only for this feature
Ok thank you! I still don't see any changes. I'll check back tomorrow
Still the same, no discover events button
Is there anything I should do to enable beta features?
hmmm okay
not really
in any case it should come out of beta soon
but the trigger should still work without the filter feature
Hmmm... ok