Utilising events to trigger custom messages or pat...
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Hey everyone, exploring Botpress now, and wanted to build a use case with meeting scheduling using Calendly. What I hoped to achieve, is after meeting is scheduled, to send an event to Botpress with the payload containing user's ID/chat session or whatever identify for Botpress to recognise where to log the event. As soon as the event is logged, I wanted to trigger a message that will thank the user for booking the meeting. I wasn't able to find an answer to whether it's achievable and how in the documentation, anyone tried to build something similar in the past?
@mysterious-greece-6693 This is the documentation I looked at, but I'm afraid it doesn't explain a lot. I know how to send a custom event - the question is, how can I use it? Can I redirect user to the different flow e.g. upon receiving the event? Can you explain how to achieve what I've written in the original message in Botpress, or whether it's possible at all?