Problems with Knoledgebase
# 🤝help
Im having some problems to achive that my bot answere some questions based on the knowledge base that i upload to my bot. the idea is to create a bot that help to create leads for a Yatche business, my bot starts asking the Name, Email, Phone Number etc.. then the idea is that the Bot can answere some easy questions about the product and services that the bussiness offers. i already upload a document with all the knowledge info about the business, but the problem is that my BOT just capture the question but it doesent answere anything and the conversation ends. my questions are: What is happening with my bot structure that makes my bot not answere the questions? (Image Attached) Is taht a problem with mt Knowledge base? Is there any lenguage limitation so this is failing? (Im making my bot in spanish)

so the problem is that you didnt give kb a way to answear
what do i need to do to give a way to answear?

do you want to hop on a call?

I think this should help
just make a new variable and then under it make a new text and just put in the same variable
Fuuuf im a little lost right now, where can i found de card to add the query knowledge, sorry for the noob questions im just stared to learn Botpress tools

and get query knowledge

then make it like this

into query add just the name of your knowledge base
and into "store answer in variable" make new variable
then just into card text put the same variable
and thats it
If you still have problems we can go into a call tomorow
How is your knowledge agent setup?
You can check it under the agents at the top left corner. If you could send a screenshot of the knowledge agent and what you have turned on it would be great
Thanks! i already fix my bot with your help
now i have another question, i want to add an IA persona config from my Stack.AI account. to creat a personality and to assist my costumers with my business information, the problem occurs when i try to link my stack IA persona Bot to my Botpress chatbot. I already copy the authorisation and endpopint in my botpress Bot, but it still not working

2 things: 1st thing: What makes you wanna use stack AI instead of flowise? 2nd thing: Have you tried using the personality agent in Botpress? I think it should so the same