Hi <@910177898365870150> !! 🙂 I'm working on crea...
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Hi @freezing-carpenter-9818 !! 🙂 I'm working on creating a chatbot for a motorcycle dealer. In the knowledge base, I've included information about various motorcycles, all with the same details. I've encountered situations like these: When I ask, "I have an A2 license, what motorcycle can I buy?" I don't get a response (this information is in the Knowledge). However, if I ask, for example, "I have an A3 license, what motorcycles can I ride?" I get a response. I inquire if they sell electric motorcycles (information NOT present in the Knowledge), and it responds "yes." I ask if they have pink-colored motorcycles (a color not listed among the available options), and it responds "yes." The concerning issue isn't just that it replies "I don't know the answer" when it should actually know, but the fact that it responds on its own to questions it doesn't have the answers to. This is highly problematic for the company, as it could make claims about things that don't exist! Do you know how to fix it? Thank you very much!🙏