*Option 1: Create the bot on your account, then up...
# 🌎general
Option 1: Create the bot on your account, then upload it. - You can develop the bot on your own account and later upload it wherever they need. - This approach allows you to easily maintain and update the bot. - If they wish to use the bot themselves, you can either hand it over or charge them. I suggest having a one-time setup fee and then a monthly retainer. Option 2: Create on your account, then export to them. - This method requires you to export the bot and for them to import it on their end. - It's not recommended because updates become cumbersome. You'll need to keep exporting and they'll have to keep importing. - There's a risk: they might take the bot and stop paying you. Use the same payment method as Option 1. Option 3: Develop the bot on their account but retain access. - This provides ease in maintenance since it's on their platform. - However, there's still a risk of them not paying. - Charge a setup fee and a monthly retainer. But, unlike the first option, there won't be any additional monthly costs since the bot's upkeep isn't on your account.