I am trying to retrieve data from spreadsheet, pre...
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Trying to filter excel data on botpress. Couldnt handle it just on botpress and decided to send it to zapier via webhooks, filter on zapier, return data via webhook POST on botpress. I did integrations with zapier on botpress and sent the botpress zapier webhook url to zapier POST action. However, botpress doesnt seem to get the POST request, it seems as sent in zapier but triggers dont go off on botpress and i cant get the sent data. Any advice? Note: I am giving full context since maybe someone has a better solution that may avoid zapier and solve directly through spreadsheets API or smth (tried spreadsheets API but botpress codes gave error)
Hi are you sure the webhook is being fired from zapier?
There's a tutorial that tries to achieve something similar to what you have
Maybe this can help
Which webhook URL are you using to send the data to botpress?
i followed this tutorial. Zapier seems to send the POST request


couldnt open this sorry
but the trigger doesnt seem to go off


i am sending this url to zapier POST url


maybe a different perspective but what if you use AI on the back-end (so not in Botpress or even API) to convert your data to being more usable ? then you can import it into Botpress. I would not use a webhook either cause Zapier gets expensive and isn't exactly made to clean up data. personally I found that ChatGPT can be great for this task. If you have a high ticket client than you could look into training your own LLM instead.
the filters and the overall job is not that elegant so going for a whole back end and aı just for this will be overkill imo. even just a simple successful API call to spreadsheets will be more than enough for me
the issue is not the data being unusable. i am just trying set botpress in a way that any changes in Excel will be automatically seen by the bot. (otherwise i would just go botpress tables)
maybe i can send feed Excel to chatgpt as you said and it will answer based on that? there is alot of unorganized Excel on my end and if gpt can do that that would be cool. how do you even do that tho?
aha so you want to have your data automatically be updated. Im working on a setup like this and while I got the alpha to work its in Python. The first thing to make it work is to establish an API connection with Google sheets. You dont need Zapier for this although it is a bit easier.
You would need to prompt engineer chatgpt. Id start explaining what data your looking for and to identify it
than you can make a new empty sheet and say “put those data you found in this new format”
its not easy to get this to work but if you manage to do it you will ahead of the curve so to say
i think this will do for now. i may try the aı in the future but for now just updating is enough. it shouldnt be this hard to access a spreadsheet tho lol
i think botpress codes will solve the issue but i couldnt access the spreadsheet somehow
preferably i would keep away from zapier as it adds to the costs as you have said
@flat-baker-97489 did you check the zapier documentation? you need to use botpress integration on zapier
Here's the tutorial that DOES NOT use the botpress integration for zapier https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1136369863317786745
Thank you for all help! I actually managed to solve it with spreadsheets api. It was much simpler in the end
That's cool. Just in case you want to integrate with zapier in the future, here's the link for our beta integration https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/179950/2d89a44be6d7ddcae4ae23df0be19b3c/
awesome! thank you