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Hey @crooked-van-25152 @acceptable-kangaroo-64719 I am trying to send an event to the botpress client via a custom integration, just like how Send Custom Event works but I am getting the error below, any reason what could cause it:
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Invoke Error     {"message":"Request failed with status code 401","name":"AxiosError","config":{"transitional":{"silentJSONParsing":true,"forcedJSONParsing":true,"clarifyTimeoutError":false},"transformRequest":[null],"transformResponse":[null],"timeout":0,"xsrfCookieName":"XSRF-TOKEN","xsrfHeaderName":"X-XSRF-TOKEN","maxContentLength":-1,"maxBodyLength":-1,"env":{},"headers":{"Accept":"application/json, text/plain, */*","Content-Type":"application/json","x-bp-messaging-client-id":"0e46922c-1f42-43cc-8bb0-cad4a3d3d4cc","x-bp-messaging-client-token":"0e46922c-1f42-43cc-8bb0-cad4a3d3d4cc","User-Agent":"axios/0.27.2","Content-Length":270},"baseURL":"","method":"post","url":"/messages","data":"{\"conversationId\":\"d42854a6-c222-4871-928b-590aecb14521\",\"authorId\":\"0e46922c-1f42-43cc-8bb0-cad4a3d3d4cc\",\"payload\":{\"type\":\"trigger\",\"trigger\":{\"type\":\"custom-event\",\"event\":{\"link\":\"\"}}}}"},"code":"ERR_BAD_REQUEST","status":401}
401 error is typically from the request not being formatted correctly. What code are you using to send the request?
Using a messaging client to send to send a message to the browser from the server
my code looks like this @acceptable-kangaroo-64719
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import type { IntegrationProps } from '.botpress'
import { MessagingClient } from '@botpress/messaging-client'

export const sendEvent: IntegrationProps['actions']['sendEvent'] = async (props) => {
    return sendTrigger(props)({
        type: 'custom-event',
        event: JSON.parse(`{"link":"${props.input.event}"}`),

// Invoke Error     {"id":"err_1693445645238x4ECD7A08","code":400,"type":"ReferenceNotFound","message":"State \"webchat\" of type \"integration\" isn't defined for the integration \"fc99948c-ba97-4f1c-a1ce-ea0c0708afa9\""}

const sendTrigger = ({ client, input, ctx }) => async (trigger: any) => {
    const { conversation } = await client.getConversation({ id: input.conversationId })

    await send({
        message: {
            type: 'trigger',
        ctx: ctx,
    return {}

const send = async (params: { message: any, ctx: any, conversation: any, client: any }) => {
    const { message, ctx, client, conversation } = params
    const { configuration, integrationId } = ctx
    const { messagingUrl, botIda, clientToken } = configuration
    const botId = "0e46922c-1f42-43cc-8bb0-cad4a3d3d4cc"
    // const messagingClient = await getMessagingClient(ctx, client)
    const messagingClient = new MessagingClient({
        url: "",
        clientId: "0e46922c-1f42-43cc-8bb0-cad4a3d3d4cc",
        clientToken: "0e46922c-1f42-43cc-8bb0-cad4a3d3d4cc",
      //   webhookToken,
    const conversationId = getTag(conversation.tags, 'id')
    if (!conversationId) {
        throw new Error('No conversation id')
    await messagingClient.createMessage(conversationId, botId, message)

const getTag = (tags: Record<string, string>, name: string) => {
    return tags[`webchat:${name}`]
@colossal-egg-20510 this looks properly formatted to me, is there aything you know about that could be causing a 401 error from his code?
Would appreciate your help @colossal-egg-20510
Could it be something in the definition? @acceptable-kangaroo-64719
@colossal-egg-20510 can triggers even be sent over the client API or is it limited to text payloads only?
@acceptable-kangaroo-64719 Yes the trigger can be sent this way but using the
to send a message to a conversation that was created by the webchat integration will be hard. There is a
necessary to do those calls which is created by the webchat integration and isn't available publicly.
@gentle-shampoo-88367 As we are approaching the release of the new chat api to manage conversation through api we'll release a documentation that will allow you to make those kind of custom conversation management. But, for now, this is a really though feature to implement on your side. I highly suggest waiting a little while for the new api to be ready.
@colossal-egg-20510 thanks for getting back to me
I ppreciate the detailed response. Can you guide me how to get the webhook token? An overview would be fine as well. I have a deadline for this integration by then of this week. And the core depends on sending an event to the user's browser
Would highly appreciate any guidance
Sure, but first have you tried using the
Send Custom Event
action of the webchat integration ? It looks like it is pretty similar to what you're trying to achieve.
@gentle-shampoo-88367 If the
Send Custom Event
doesn't fit your needs I can do a one time exception to provide you the Webhook token of your bot. You can DM me the bot Id.
Perfect @colossal-egg-20510
Just DM'd @colossal-egg-20510
@colossal-egg-20510 if you could respond 🙂
He seems to be ooo, he should reply to you tomorrow am 🙂
ahh dang 😓
@gentle-shampoo-88367 I am back sorry something's came up. I'm on it.
No worries mate. You are a saviour @colossal-egg-20510