URL implement problems
# 🤝help
how do you implement a web page so that the chat bot understands what it finds in? If anyone wants to explain it to me in person go dm. (I speak French and Spanish fluently, but my English is a little less good)
hi! just trying to understand your question - you want to know about implementing a bot on a web page, or searching a web page for information? (or something else?)
I mean,
implement a url to my chatbot so that it is able to understand, analize and respond to my request
what kind of request are you making, and what kind of url are you using? can you give me an example of what you're trying to do?
I wanna try to put in my chatbot a data base from internet who can evolve but for understand the process I start with a basic site
then I put this URL
and ask him to say me watch team will face the MHR next week?
after I ask him :and ask him to say me watch team will face the MHR the saturday 2?
and he only answer I don't know then I conclude he don't understand the url then I wanna know how it'ss works