Problems with Whatsapp Intergration
# 🤝help
1. I have a language selection feature (via UserIntent) at the start of the workflow, but it is doesn't work on the whatsapp integration and I cannot find any solutions for it (see screenshot) 2. I have an intent installen that if you typ menu (or something similair) you get taking back to the start of the conversation, this also doens't work on whatsapp and i have not found a solution (see screenshot) 3. Is it possible to have a slight delay in the responses of the chatbot, so the response seems a little more natural?

about #3 you can't, botpress by default uses 1 sec between answers, what you could do (and what I do) is to sometimes force the user to "answer" by making certain interactions a "capture card" with a choice that says something like "ok" and then continue (not going to another flow, just wait until the user presses to continue)
That's a great idea, thnx i'll definetely try it out