structure of response
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We want our AI task to return a list of the places within a location and a link to the profile on the directory. The bot produces the correct answer format about 10% to 20% of the time. For example, when I ask it "where are the clinics in texas" it should produce this: - Clinic 1 name Clinic 1 link to profile - clinic 2 name Clinic 2 link to profile Instead, most of the time it lists them by name in a list without link, or in paragraph form. Every once in a while though it produces a list with the names and links to directory. I am describing the structure we want in the task instructions. spdcifically like this: " if user asks for list of clinics near them or in a specific location, provide them with name and link to clinic on Use structure below for responses: Here are some of the clinics in North Carolina: - Clinic 1 link to clinic 1 profile on" Thoughts?
Hey @brave-xylophone-4103 have you considered storing this information in a table and using code to format the message exactly as you want it?
@brave-xylophone-4103 try organising your knowledge base in a structured manner. I used Google sheet to organise my kb in a tabular form. Including links where appropriate. This helps AI better understand how to list out answers. It's been working for me.