Identity dissabled Issue
# 🤝help
i have a problem in botpress. It says that my identity is disabled. I am not able to see my workspace. My aim is to login and start with my workspace.
do you have an existing account or were you trying to create one?
for now, can you try clearing your cookies and logging in again?
also - which web browser are you using?
I have an existing account and I tried in Chrome. I tried also in defferent devices when it was not working.(while frequently clearing cookies)
@bumpy-butcher-41910 is there any idea of how to get it fixed?
@bumpy-butcher-41910 any solutions?
@bumpy-butcher-41910 I'm having this same issue, could you investigate please?
Error ID: fb016623-506a-4b90-a479-8637bf903011
Cleared cookies, cache and local storage already
I'm logging in with GitHub
Tried with Chrome and Edge
Solved by the team, thansk guys!