How to integrate your bot on Telegram
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This tutorial shows how to connect your botpress chatbot on Telegram, making it become a Telegram Bot. Follow the images below for reference. Steps: 1- In your Botpress dashboard, click on your Bot. Open the "integration" tab and click on "browse in hub". 2- Find the Telegram integration, click install and choose your bot. 3- Now, go to Telegram and in the search bar type "BotFather". You'll find a verified Bot from Telegram, open the chat with him. 4- Type /start, then type /newbot. He will ask you for a name and an username, choose them according to your preference. 5- Once created, BotFather will tell you "Use this token to access the HTTP API" and give you a token: copy it. 6- Back to Botpress, click on your Bot and open the new Telegram tab you installed earlier. 7- In the "Bot Token" section, paste the token BotFather gave you. 8- In the top right, turn on "enable integration" and save the changes you did. Now, when you open the bot in the URL BotFather gave you, you'll have the exact same Bot you made with Botpress, but completely integrated on Telegram. You can also customize his profile image and other fancy stuff using BotFather's commands.
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