Hello community, hope you are well! This question ...
# 🌎general
Hello community, hope you are well! This question is addressed to all those people who have experience working on Botpress + Stack AI. Maybe many of you have seen the typical stack AI + Botpress workflow, where I have an input with a specific request with a single variable, for example: 'I am looking for a bmw car'. That input is connected to a database, for example: An excel that contains all the available cars for sale, and both nodes (input and DB) are connected to a LLM that is in charge of matching the input that is being searched and the matches that are in the excel database. This workflow works well when there is only one variable in the input. However, I am looking to implement a chatbot for a real estate agency, so, in my AI stack input, instead of sending a single variable, I want to send 6, action, category, location, price, number of rooms, number of bathrooms, as in the following example: