Weird single choice behaviour
# 🤝help
I use a single choice with 2 options and one of the options works fine but the second one always just repeats the question instead of following the path I connected there
also the Clear conversation on Exit Feature does not work
You likely have done copy-paste, this sometimes leads to errors. Try to delete the cart and add another one identical
what card?
nvm i guess u mean the single choice card right? I will try that tomorrow but today it was kinda on and off sometimes it worked normal sometimes the error described above kept happening even tho i didnt change nothing abou the bot
can you help with the second concern tho? It looks kinda ugly if the old chats are saved and it doesnt trigger the event that way
It’s a caching problem, if the browser stores that data in the cache, the chat will be saved
I don’t think there’s a way to avoid it
the single choice card does not work if i use an translatr agent

is there a way to code around it e.g. if chat closes it will automatically delete?
Not into Botpress as far as i know. You can probably regolate caching in the website's settings directly