How to make a transaction calculating bot
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// Sample userOrder as an array of objects const userOrder = [ { productType: "apple", price: 1.99 }, { productType: "banana", price: 0.99 }, { productType: "orange", price: 2.49 }, ]; function calculateTotalValue(userOrder, orderAmount) { let totalValue = 0; for (const order of userOrder) { const productType = order.productType; const price = order.price; if (userOrder.some(item => item.productType === productType)) { totalValue += price * orderAmount; } } I created the userOrder variable as an array of object and also the orderAmount as a variable of number but my code keeps giving me error return Total value; Firstly it says productType and price property does not existon type strip Secondly it says it cannot find name OrderAmount Please help , I want to make a bot that can take an order from a user and also calculate and display the total to the user while storing it in a variable so i can export it to a google sheet Please help } const transactionResults = calculateTotalValue(userOrder, orderAmount);
Hello, I can help you with this