Feedback chatbot
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If the user gives bad feedback, then the chatbot will ask, "what did I do wrong?" then if the user says you didnt provide accurate answers to my questions then the chatbot will say, "sorry, i will improve my answers to be more accurate." task instructions Summarize the user's negative feedback. Get key points of what was wrong with his interaction with the ai chatbot Read the user's feedback and think about how you can improve on the negative feedback the user has given you. Save the information you think you can incorporate into the following variable: {{bot.summary}} Provide the text in this format: i will improve [what has to be improved] Thank you for your feedback, goodbye ! And provide the user with information about what you will improve as a result of his negative review example: user: you didnt answer my question correctly bot: sorry, I'll improve my knowledge base Ai task input the users feedback is from this variable: {{ user.feedbck }}
the bot variable should be summary
and the user variable should be feedback
This is useful if you save it in a table so that you can know what to improve on the chatbot.
please try this when you have time.
Will the bot actually improve it's answers or it just says that apology sentence in case of a negative feedback?
it will only apoligize in case...
im actually setting up so that it can improve
(later not rn)
hi gang, relevant to above, i watched this video on building a self-learning bot:â–ľ

super helpful, but i'm curious if there's an existing feature request to more easily annotate bot responses in preview mode directly in the UI (i.e. in the Emulator). (i did a few searches in here and couldn't find anything.)