Add the ability to set the KB crawl frequency on w...
# 👀feature-requests
It would be awesome if it were possible to re-crawl a website to refresh the KB on a weekly/daily basis. I have a client who is constantly writing new content & pages for his website. It would be great to be able to have the KB updated with any updates & new pages without having to go in and manually re-index the whole website. I'm also planning a future project Bot which will be used in the automotive industry. It'll have hundreds of clients using it & will require a daily refresh/re-crawl to keep products etc up to date, but I can't be going in and manually updating KBs for hundreds of bots every day. Honestly I'm surprised nobody else has brought this up before now. I had a good dig around on here but didn't find anything. Heppy to be pointed in the right direction in case I missed something!
I have seen a lot of users asking if this was possible, would benefit most.
this is a great idea. We're just getting started and have ~500 blogs and add anywhere from 5-15 a month right now