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# 👀feature-requests
Hello Botpress Team, I've found that an always-listening intent feature is currently lacking in Botpress. I strongly advocate for the addition of this crucial functionality. The inclusion of always-listening intents would significantly enhance the chatbot's versatility and dynamism in conversations. For instance, users should be able to interject with commands like "Cancel" at any point during the dialogue, prompting the bot to navigate down a designated "Cancel story path." Moreover, users should have the flexibility to transition seamlessly between different story paths at any time. For instance, they might inquire about menu prices, then switch to asking about opening hours or contacting the store, all in a fluid manner. While a knowledge base works for basic Q&A, more complex scenarios demand a listening intent for a smoother user experience. As it stands, achieving this level of flexibility in conversation flow necessitates manually connecting every node, which is cumbersome and impractical. Introducing an "always-listening intent" card that triggers designated story paths upon detection would alleviate this issue. However, it's essential to acknowledge scenarios where maintaining strict conversation flow is preferred. Therefore, providing an option to disable this feature at the node level would be beneficial. Additionally, for strict story paths where listening intents are disabled, it would still be beneficial to have an option to manually add listening intents. For example, you may often want to disable all listening intents except for "cancel intent." Another key feature to add is the ability to manually trigger workflows and intents within hooks, enhancing chatbot customization. Using an always-listening intent could provide a workaround, as you can assign variables in hooks then activate actions as needed RASA, Voiceflow, Dialogflow CX all offer "always listening intents," a core feature I believe all chatbot platforms should include.
I reached the character limit above... Thank you for taking the time to consider this feature, please let me know if you have any question and if this is something that could get added.😃 Also, if anyone has advice or ideas for any workaround on how I could achieve this sort of functionality, even if it's just for the 'cancel' intent, please let me know!