Make that botpress can be used in discord that you can do a / command to start the chat there will be a new threat openend for you in private or something else and you have the normal botpress chat.
you can use webhooks i think
Is there any documentation about how to do that anywhere?
I've built my own bot integrations with Slack and Discord before but the whole reason I'm interested in Botpress is that I don't want to spend time reinventing wheels like that to launch a simple bot.
They are working hard on it.
How much coding knowledge do you have, and how much knowledge do you have about creating Discord bots?
I've one my own Ruby integrations with Slack, Teams and Discord. I'm interested in Botpress because I'd rather work with AI than reinvent wheels like that every time.
I think once Botpress gets something like an API up and working it should be easy to do.