Number of Carousel Cards changes dynamically
# 👀feature-requests
First off, I'm loving Botpress and the work you all do here and on the Youtube channel! I was working on a project this weekend that used the Carousel + API integration. I think a useful feature would be to make the # of cards change dynamically. Right now we have to set up each card individually by calling the index (workflow.variable[0]....), and we have create a set number of cards (that may be less than or more than the length of the API array). It would be great if the user could set a "Max" for the # of cards, then Botpress could run a loop on the API and create cards (title, subtitle ...) for each index between 0 and the min(user selected upper limit, total indexs in API array). This way we would only have to specify the workflow.array.title (subtitle, image, url) once, and botpress would create the appropriate number of cards.