Bot randomly resets changes
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I'm Valentyn from the Readdle Team. We have an issue when the bot discards some changes made after a while. For example: I have 2 nods. I've merged them into one > Changed some text in them > changed the order of the single choice part > and Published > After approximately 5 minutes, all changes were discarded and back to their initial state (2 nodes, with old text and old positions of the single choice) Is this a known issue? If not, how can we troubleshoot it further? It's quite annoying, and I can no longer trust the bot press as it doesn't want to remember changes. Thanks
Hey there, Can you make sure that you don't have the bot open in multiple places. Can be tabs or browsers for you, but it can also be that you co-workers had it open.
Thx for the quick reply! In my case, only I have access to the BotPress Studio. Only one window with Studio open and one tab with the preconfigured bot link to check changes
I have only heard about it rolling back changes, when the Studio was open multiple places. Maybe @crooked-van-25152 can help here?
Just wondering. But has this happened more than once? If yes, how frequent?
Hey @numerous-wire-63598 thanks for reporting this. This is the first time I'm seeing this honestly. Like Decay said, make sure the Studio isn't opened in multiple places. Otherwise, yes, you might have this issue. If this happens again, can you please share a report ID with us?
We'll be able to investigate
Also, do you have good internet connection?
It happens about 3 times in different flows
@crooked-van-25152 Thank you for help. I will try to make sure that there is no other windows with studio open. Internet is excellent in the office, therefore its proubably not the case. How can i find a report ID to share with you? Thank you everyone for help!
# Sending a Problem Report Here's how to send the Botpress Team a problem report: 1. In the Botpress Cloud Studio, locate the "Help" icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 2. Click "Report a problem" and follow the steps on the screen. 3. Copy the Report ID to your clipboard and provide it to a member of the Botpress Team on Discord.
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