I will start it off, but I'm sure more people will...
# 🌎general
I will start it off, but I'm sure more people will add to it: 1) Always alive is the feature that ensures your chatbot is always awake, which equates to faster initial messages sent by your bot. You can activate it in your new workspace in your dashboard (I think $5 is a good value, as the messages are sent by the bot almost immediately ) 2) Not really sure how exactly you can calculate, but in your example it depends on how many AI-powered functions you have. The cost of the token is the face value, so Botpress doesn't charge extra, so it's the same if you purchased it directly from the OpenAI. 3) Yes it is part of the AI usage, anything that requires the help of AI, like a personality/translator agent, KB search etc. Yes if you can you should use the AI features sparingly, for UX and cost reasons. 4) The best way is to use the 3.5 Turbo, use fewer agents (personality/translator) and use fewer KB searches where possible. But of course, you shouldn't sacrifice the UX side of your build, I only suggest not using more features just for the sake of using them!