Hey buddy, the speed of the bot depends on various...
# 🌎general
Hey buddy, the speed of the bot depends on various factors including the use of agents, AI tasks and API calls. If you are not using the agents (translator and personality for example), you can disable them. I found that OpenAI calls can sometimes have a slow response, the best bet would be to send a message saying 'Please wait for the response' for example to establish patience. You can for the policy feature. In the beginning, you can ask a user to type yes or no (or use a single-choice option) and based on the answer take them to the appropriate workflow. I don't think there is an updated tutorial by the Botpress team, maybe they might do a new version one day👀 If you need any help with the integration, you can post it in https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1111009377525186570 !