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[For Hire] [Remote] [Full Stack Developer] Greetings, I am an accomplished Full Stack Developer with a rich experience spanning over 10 years in web and mobile application development, with a particular focus on Frontend technologies. ✨ Professional Skillset ✨ Frontend Development: Proficient in React, Vue, Next.js, Nuxt.js, and React Native. Backend Development: Experienced in Java, PHP, Laravel, Node.js, and Express. Database Management: Skilled in MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. ✨ Core Strengths ✨ Team Collaboration: Committed to working cohesively with teams to achieve project goals. Client Satisfaction: Dedicated to exceeding client expectations through meticulous work. Attention to Detail: Focused on delivering precise and error-free applications. Timely Project Delivery: Proven track record of completing projects within deadlines. ✨ Career Highlights ✨ Expertise in transforming initial concepts into responsive, high-quality products. Demonstrated proficiency in completing complex projects under tight deadlines. Specialized in enhancing website functionality and user experience for optimal satisfaction. Currently, I am seeking new opportunities and am available for immediate engagement. I am enthusiastic about contributing my expertise to innovative projects. Please feel free to contact me directly through DM for discussions or potential collaborations. Thank you for considering.