I agree with <@368829146584842242> 💯 In my exper...
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I agree with @fresh-fireman-491 💯 In my experience also, AI (not Botpress but AI in general) is still very poor at using web pages as a Knowledge Base. In many cases, your customers or clients pages are built in such a way that it is difficult for AI to understand them, even when using sitemap. But AI is very good at retrieving information from databases! And from the AI's point of view, a Botpress Knowledge Base table equals a well-organized database. Big companies already use databases, so AI works well in their websites. They don't update the data on the website (like normal small companies), they update the data in the database and from there it updates on the website. In my experience, many small companies are not yet ready to build such a system for themselves, but at the point when AI is working fine on all competitors' sites, they too will have to follow.