Hi <@837805265390665758> , check share-your-bots a...
# 🌎general
Hi @swift-elephant-69562 , check share-your-bots and tutorials sections 👍 I frequently use APIs with Botpress and have shared many of those projects here. These include work-related projects like the OpenAI Assistants API, GPT-4, Dall-E, text-to-speech, Make.com API calls for Airtable and Google Sheets webhooks. I've also made API calls to my server. On the fun side, I've worked on projects using the Bland API (for AI phone calls to prank friends and relatives), OpenWeatherMap, Star Wars API, Chuck Norris jokes, and Pokemon APIs. You can find all these and many other great projects here https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1132038253109837994 https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1120796649686573086