Here is the new feature issue: Botpress KB scoping...
# 🌎general
Here is the new feature issue: Botpress KB scoping (for excluding KBs) does not seem to work anymore ( logs verify it and every capture info card in every workflow can access every other KB so that also verifies it). So now you cannot use query knowledegebase card to only access the right KB as: 1. that card does not allow you to choose the KB, 2. Scoping KB does not work anymore, 3. KB description is also removed. Now the problem with using a capture info card instead is: 1. you cannot modify the input query when you want to build the query when lets say you have some variables storing more info about the query, 2. that card does not detect a question if its not properly framed, which is usually the case in real life. Please help as this has stopped a bot development