Hey <@689557439074533384> I was able to give you...
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Hey @witty-salesmen-74592 I was able to give your code a proper look and made a little sample. You had a syntax issue in the way you has structured the leadData object. As I stated earlier the issue lies in the repetion of the same key Question for multiple properties. Each key must be unique in a JavaScriot object. When you use the same key multiple times it will overwrite the previous value which will lead to unexpected behavior and syntax errors. Here's a breakdown of the issues: Repeated Keys: In the leadData object you are using the key *Question * multiple times which not allowed in JavaScript objects. Each key should be unique. Missing Commas: In JavaScript object syntax each of the key-value pair should be separated by a comma. Your code is missing commas at the end of each line within the leadData object. Here is a sample of what it could look like and the console.log workflow.collaboration = "Yes I can collaborate with people"; workflow.competences = "Some of my competences are JavaScript and PyTorch"; workflow.experience = "10 Years"; workflow.motivation = "To make money"; workflow.profession = "I am an engineer"; workflow.reaction = "I like that idea"; const leadData = { Experience: workflow.experience, Competences: workflow.competences, Motivation: workflow.motivation, Collaboration: workflow.collaboration, Reaction: workflow.reaction, Profession: workflow.profession }; console.log(leadData); { Experience: '10 Years', Competences: 'Some of my competences are JavaScript and PyTorch', Motivation: 'To make money', Collaboration: 'Yes I can collaborate with people', Reaction: 'I like that idea', Profession: 'I am an engineer' }