Okay. Accounts can have more than one workspace, b...
# 🌎general
Okay. Accounts can have more than one workspace, but lets review the timeline of the feature/pricing changes. https://discord.com/channels/1108396290624213082/1111016943370113174/1184959074371113020 Only newly-created workspaces will be enrolled in the new pricing plan. The new changes to pricing and features came out on the 14th of December, so if you created your account before then, your default workspace would be considered legacy and not have new features. If you created an account or added an additional workspaces to your account after this date then it should be eligible for GPT-4 features and new pricing etc.. If you've got a new workspace and it's still not working, then submit a ticket, open a help thread, and hope for the best I guess since it's a long holiday weekend now. ☃️