Hello Bot Buddies, This is one for my Conversatio...
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Hello Bot Buddies, This is one for my Conversation Designers out there. I would love to hear your feedback on this. How can a Life Coach's step-by-step process used with private clients be transformed into an AI Chatbot conversation to offer similar guidance? Not just a question-and-answer bot but something more robust and intuitive. It is important to note that the chatbot service is not intended to completely replace the private work that the coach does. Rather, it aims to provide greater accessibility to their services through a conversational interface. If users require further assistance in implementing the techniques discussed during the chatbot conversation, they will be required to pay for this additional help. We want it to feel intuitive, supportive and a pleasant experience as if they are interacting with the Coach themselves and getting the answers they need. Features like: - making it personal by using the user's name even referencing past interactions if needed. - asking specific questions from users to gather deeper insights and provide personalized responses - sentiment analysis - Offer personalized step recommendations based on the user's previous responses and progress - can integrate with external resources if needed. - chatbot understand the context and can carry on more natural, contextually relevant conversations. - progress tracking and personalized next steps to end the conversation.