On another note, a big issue I am currently facing...
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On another note, a big issue I am currently facing is that my user variables are not transfering through workflows. I am asking for the users name and email in one workflow, and then I want to push the user into a different workflow to receive an order. The issue i am facing is that I want to access that workflow from multiple different conversation paths, some of which would have not asked for user details yet. I therefore want to include capture cards within the second workflow to ask for name and email, but I want them to only execute if that data has not been gathered already. The issue I am facing is that those cards are being executed all the time, and I don't understand why. From the screenshots you can see that that data has already been gathered, and yet the workflow still asks for them. Why is that, and how can I fix this? Note that in the capture card, I have already turned on the 'Skip if variable is already filled' field.