A chatbot is nothing new, its like how an interact...
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A chatbot is nothing new, its like how an interactive automated phone answering machine works. Now with an interface (a face) that resembles a customer service person. Here is when all goes wrong according to our research, when the user realises they are not having a communication with anyone, that it's a programmed dead shell they have been given to talk to, most people experience that negative and unhelpful. The psychological pedgogical analyse behind this says that the user feels like the company thinks they are not worthy of a real customer service and that the company believes their customers are this dumb they wouldn't know the difference? Like how stupid do they take me for? You get judged as unreliable and they lose trust. SO another ideas could be to do something completely different with this bot thing or be very clear, call it "Help yourself with our interactive automated self answering machine." Or make something totally different, make a quebot with mini games, while you wait in line to pay, or wait for someone to answer the chat /phone and u have to stay on that site - play a minigame, solve a problem, find as many words and so on. Or like a personal assistant -but it would be sold to users. Siri and Alexa got a personality! They would have to remember the person for a long time back, some data at least. Whatever you do with this, Helpdesk bot is the worst option for companies with alot of customers. Dont do it.