Hello Botpress community, I hope you're all doing...
# 🌎general
Hello Botpress community, I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently facing an issue with intent recognition in my bot and would like to share the situation with you to gather some suggestions. I've set up a substantial set of intents, each trained with phrases in correct Portuguese, without grammatical errors. However, I've noticed that when a user types a message with spelling mistakes, the intents aren't recognized correctly. It seems like the intents in Botpress are very sensitive and not very flexible; even a small difference, such as an accent or an extra letter, can be enough for the intended intent not to be identified. Has anyone here encountered this issue or have suggestions on how I can address this? One idea I had was to create an AI Task that transforms the "raw user request," correcting grammatical errors to proper Portuguese. This way, only the "grammatically correct request in Portuguese" would be evaluated for its intent. However, it seems that intents are always tied to the "raw user request." Does anyone know if it's possible to associate the intent with the "grammatically correct request in Portuguese"? If this solution isn't feasible, do you have any other suggestions for resolving this problem?