Hello guys, I'm reaching out because I know there ...
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Hello guys, I'm reaching out because I know there are experts here in low-code AI solutions. I'm working on building AI solutions/automations for a multinational marketing agency. We've successfully completed projects such as in-depth document analyzers and a marketing assistant based on business documents. However, we're now facing more complex challenges that require specialized knowledge, and I'd love to chat with someone experienced in code development, Stack AI, Flowise/LangChain, or other systems for building AI or LLM apps for specific cases. If anyone has some free time and would like to discuss, I'd really appreciate it. I have an important demo in two weeks and want to bring the best possible presentation. Currently, budget constraints prevent me from hiring another assistant, but if your help leads to a successful deal, I would obviously offer remuneration as a token of gratitude. If you're interested in discussing this further and think you can contribute, please feel free to reach out to me directly through private message.