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@swift-dinner-87892 , This is how I accomplish a knowledgebase fall back to AI: I create a text asking for the user to input a question. Then I use a Wait for User Input. The user's input is stored in e{{event.preview}} I follow that with a an execute code card and set a workflow or user value like query to take the value of event preview. Create another node with the Always expression and send the question to the next node which should have a Query Knowledge base card. Query the knowledge base for {{user.query}} which will have the user's question stored. On the query KB , I output the findings to a workflow or user variable called answer or solution so for example {{user.solution}} the next node will have 2 separate conditions. One condition is user.answer.length > 0 , the other condition is user.answer = 0, null, not set, or empty. Then if you do get the second condition run it to an AI task with the {{user.query}} and {{conversation.SummaryAgent.transcript}} as input to the AI task. I also generally give the AI task output to be user.aianswer or similar.