Hi <@980954483293028412> me again. So I’ve watched...
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Hi @crooked-van-25152 me again. So I’ve watched a couple of the tables as knowledge base videos and managed to get my bot to work. However, I still can’t get it to understand that if something is not in my table then it’s not available. Imagine I have a list of 5 words I can spell correctly: cat, mouse, dog, hat, hammer (I know right wtf). Anyway if these are listed in my table, you ask my bot “can max_pain spell cat”? And The bot says “yes”. If you ask my bot if Max can spell tomato, it can’t answer. What instructions do need to give my bot to let it know that the words in my table are the only words I can spell and that any other enquiry about a word outside of that should return a solid “no”. Make sense ?