YES and NO. YES: You can create tables which then...
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YES and NO. YES: You can create tables which then can be filtered and used for lead segmentation inside the Botpress Cloud Studio. There are some great resources on the Botpress YouTube for basic functions like that.

NO: There is no proposal creation tool or automations tooling inside the Botpress Cloud Studio. For those additional steps (generating documents or sending emails), you'll need to export your leads to an external tools like Zapier, Make, Stack AI, Flowise, etc.. To see how to get your bot to do that you'll wanna checkout community created YouTube resources like this one

by @wide-architect-96022 For any integrations not already built for Botpress, you can use Webhooks and hook into to just about anything with an API. Please note, if you wanted to push it, Botpress Cloud Studio can do quite a lot... and you could probably get something working for a proposal; but Botpress is a chatbot building tool -- it's not really designed for those additional tasks. 🤖 Keeping your bot for lead capture/segmenting and using external tools for your CRM, proposals, and additional automations is your best bet.