Hi, Ive been working with Botpress for a few weeks...
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Hi, Ive been working with Botpress for a few weeks now. Wanted to share my thoughts below. The good: 1. The UI is pretty intuitive as far as chatbot builders go. 2. There is a wealth of youtube videos and other content to make getting started easy. The bad: 1. There's alot of bugs. And I mean alot. I'm dealing with one now, which is why I'm writing this post. And I'm sure in time it will be resolved. But there's a certain quality and consistency which is necessary when delivering a product. Let me clarify that, since we're using LLM's, answers are inconsistent / made-up / etc... What many people call a "bug" is often attributed to improperly prompting their models or not setting up KBs correctly, etc.. What I mean by "bug" is low-level breakages in the Botpress code behind the Botpress Studio that cost time and frustration. I'm in too deep with this chatbot. I can't reasonably switch out to a different platform. But please look into this. And more importantly, may I kindly suggest that you revisit your internal QA process. A certain amount of bugs are expected / reasonable with any product, and the "numbers" will usually speak for themselves when finding out what that level is. A good example of this IMO is Microsoft Teams. MS Teams is** just good enough** to make the cost of switching unjustified. One more bug (so to speak) and a critical number of people would switch... the reached that "sweet spot" I would be pleasantly surprised if this was also the case with your users / platform. I hope it is, since I don't wish ill upon any company, but I'd be surprised. Anyways. here's my latest bug... AITask is giving an answer. (See Cognitive AI in the logs), it refuses to pass that answer to the output variable it is assigned. I've tried this multiple times with mutlipe configurations. Refreshed constantly, etc... Im pretty sure its a bug.