for make you can use this one: ```js workflow.webh...
# 🌎general
for make you can use this one:
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workflow.webhookSuccess = false /// create this variable in your bot to check if the connection was successful or not, type must be boolean

const makeData = {
    first_name: workflow.firstName,
    last_name: workflow.lastName,
    business_name: workflow.businessName,
    phone: workflow.phoneNumber,
    email: workflow.emailAddress,
    message: workflow.userMessage
} /// above you can fill the variables you want to send to make, always delete the "," at the end of the last property of this object which in this case is "message: workflow.userMessage"

try {
    const response = await'',makeData) /// here the link you get when you create a custom webhook module in make
    workflow.webhookSuccess = true
    catch (error) {