can't change widget/icon
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hey there guys! I have a problem. I have uploaded my logo to webflow, used that link in the webchat styler for "Image URL". In the webchat styler it show the correct logo but on my website it always shows a different one (screenshot). Have had this problem continually no matter the picture. I found someone on here who said post it to discord and use that image url. Did that, it shows the correct picture in the styler, but not one the website once I've saved the changes. Any ideas on how to fix this? I will add a screenshot of what it looks like in the webchat styler and one of what it looks like on my website. PS: I don't know how to code but I'm want to start learning. Any advice/help would be great. Thanks in advance 🙂
Have you tried setting it under the webchat integration settings
But that's the avatr url and not the one for the icon
my avatar shows up properly but not the chat icon
the avatar is shown correctly, but the chatbot icon/widget you have to click to open the chat does not change
here that's my avatar
@lively-thailand-19907 If you did everything good, I'd guess the stylesheet just doesn't take any effect. To see if that is the case try embedding configurable script and update it. I know there are some bugs with the embed script and stylesheet
And you got an old chatbot (or at least it seems like it since you still have the trash bin)
You can use this bot as an example : window.botpressWebChat.init({ "composerPlaceholder": "Chat with bot", "botConversationDescription": "This chatbot was built surprisingly fast with Botpress", "botId": "b388d7d8-aa31-4673-acc8-02242ae2fc3a", "hostUrl": "", "messagingUrl": "", "clientId": "b388d7d8-aa31-4673-acc8-02242ae2fc3a", "webhookId": "06ed4d9c-2c9a-40c6-8227-1c1334465e45", "lazySocket": true, "themeName": "prism", "avatarUrl": "", "stylesheet": "", "frontendVersion": "v1", "showPoweredBy": true, "theme": "prism", "themeColor": "#2563eb" });
The widget icon you see (the button) can be changed in the stylesheet, and the avatar of the bot when you open the conversation can be changed in the avatar URL field of your botpress integrations
how do i change my bot form an old one to a new one? Do I have to create a completely new bot and do everything again or is it possible to transfer the data from this bot to a new one?
or do i have to create a new botpress account to get a the new version of the chatbot?
and what are the differences between the old and the new chatbot?
and how do i know which one i have?
should i change the frontendversion from v0 to v1?
I've now impletemented the custom code but the icon is still the same
Update: I've used the manual code and changed all the "v0" to "v1" (3x). I then used the code with the v1 version and my icon finally changed. thanks guys
gotta get more into coding
now i still have the issue that the icon is too small on my website even if i set ti on 52px – does anyone know how to change that?
this is supposed to be 52 px but look small as hell – i want it to be at least double the size
That I'm not sure, maybe you can set it higher in the botpress stylesheet and it'll get you a bigger icon
doesn't work unfortunately 52px is the biggest you can go there