video upload issue - status code 400
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Hello! Thank you in advance for the assistance! I placed a video card into a node and was trying to drop a video in the drag and drop area. It failed and I got an error code. I then clicked to upload a video and that failed as well and I got the “request failed with status code 400” message. Would love any assistance with this. Maybe it’s the type of file? It’s a “.MOV” file , not sure if that’s significant.
Hello, did you try with a .mp4? what is the size of the video?. Trying I could not upload a .MOV but I could upload an mp4. Can you compress it to mp4 and try it?
Having issues with this as well. I am receiving a "Request failed with status code 400" error after each attempt to upload a video. All mp4 file uploads have failed despite reducing the file size and resolution down to 224p.
can you share one of your videos so I can try to upload it here?
and thus rule out that it is some specification that these videos have that may be causing the load to fail.
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@adventurous-hydrogen-17318 I tried multiple ways, I have a program called Handbreak that allows me to vary the formats and make some kind of changes to the video which I did. In the end it was all about the size of the video, 10MB. So your videos that are in the order of 17MB or so I had to cut them down or lower the quality to get them into that range and then I started to upload them.
I passed a video back to you so you can try to upload it in your bot.
I put more compression on that video to reduce the size of the video.
I just want you to pay attention to the limit, if it really loads that edited video that I passed back to you, and well you already know that you must somehow reduce its size, less than 10MB.
If you have any questions, let me know, I'm here to help you
I appreciate the assist. Couldn't find any specs on the file size, so at least now I know. Unfortunately, the drop in resolution is going to be an issue on this project. I will need to send the user elsewhere. For now, this option will be reserved for something much shorter like a 30-45 second intro in which case the tradeoff in quality won't be necessary. Thanks again.